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                  Stone Material

                  Stone, referring to rock in the scientific term, such as marble and granite, are abundant in the nature. However, not every stone has commercial values. Most rock stones exposed on the earth can't be ...

                  Granite,Marble,Travertine Series

                  Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of various stone products in China. We supply granite, marble, travertine, limestone etc both of China origin, but also imported from all over t...

                  Carvings,Sculpture Series

                  With hundreds years of combined stone carving and sculpture experience, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED is set to bring you the finest stone carving sculpture art pieces one can possibly image. Here are...


                  Monuments and memorial stone are everywhere. Granite is by far the most commonly used material for fabricating monuments, headstone, tombstone and memorial markers. The biggest advantage of granite mo...

                  Exterior Products

                  As a leading stone manufacturer in China, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED provides a full range of exterior products/outdoor stone products, such as cube stone, paving stone, kerbstone, round stepping s...

                  Natural Slate,Quartzite Series

                  Natural Culture stone, including the slate, sandstone and quartzite, is exploited from the natural stone mines. After processing, it will become the distinctive decorative building materials. Its natu...

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                  Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of natural stone products in China. We have our own 3 quarries and 5 production bases in the major stone areas in China. We are equipped with the most advanced machines, skillful workers, responsible Quality Inspectors and also other very professional managing team.

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                    Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED provides quality products to all over the world. In order to give the customers more confidence in our company, we have been doing more and more tests of CE certificate by TUV or SGS for many stone colors. Here are some examples for your reference.

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